Israel sends ships to Israel-Egypt Border, Iran deploys fleet to Red Sea

Israel Deploying Warships in Red Sea – Iran Following Suit

The IDF has deployed two warships to the Red Sea near the Egyptian border as Sinai terror alerts pour in; Iran plans to follow suit.
by Gavriel Queenann

First Publish: 8/30/2011, 7:06 PM


IDF Naval Vessels

IDF Naval Vessels
IDF Photo

The IDF on Monday deployed two warships in the Red Sea near the border with Egypt following warnings terrorists are planning another attack on southern Israel from Egyptian soil.

Also on Monday, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz ordered increased deployments across the entire southern command, especially near the Israel-Egypt border, increased.

The move, ostensibly due to increased terror warnings, comes concurrent to Israel’s agreement to allow Egypt to deploy 1,500 more troops in areas B and C of the Sinai in order to conduct counter-terror operations on the Peninsula. Area A is the sector adjoining the Israeli-Egyptian border.


Israel Sends Warships to Egyptian Border as Iran Dispatches Fleet to Red Sea


Published August 31, 2011


Israel Warships


Aug. 19: Israeli soldiers secure the area near roads leading to the sites of several attacks in the Arava desert, near the southern Israeli resort town of Eilat.

Israel sent two more warships to the Red Sea border with Egypt, the military said Tuesday, part of a military reinforcement there following warnings that militants are planning another attack on southern Israel from Egyptian soil. This comes as Iran’s Press TV reports that Tehran has decided to send the 15th fleet to the Red Sea, reports.

Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari told Iranian TV that the objective is to patrol the high seas and to thwart pirate attacks.

“The presence of Iran’s army in the high seas will convey the message of peace and friendship to all countries,” he said, according to the website.

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  1. Keep Israel in our prayers. Our so called, President is part of their betrayal.

  2. Charles Sproull says:

    Summary of a letter I recently sent to Barack Obama.

    Are you aware that both the Old and New Testaments of our Bible were written by Jews (Israelites)? The Bible is the most accurate history book of ancient civilizations, and describes the spiritual and emotional processes taking place in the world today, with scientific accuracy. The Ten Commandments were given to us by God (Elohim, Creator of mankind, not by man-made god allah) for the purpose of protecting our relationships with God (Commandments 1-4), relations within normal marriages, families and neighborhoods; our possessions, property (including borders) and lives (Commandments 5-10).

    All of us (you, atheists, Islamics and Israelites) desire these protections. There is nothing religious about them; they are practical principles of life. Several hundred years earlier, Hammurabi incorporated these into a Code of 280 laws to regulate his Babylonian society. And 1,100 years later, Buddha incorporated these and other Bible principles in Step 4 of his 8-fold path to perfection. What advantage would anyone gain by removing Ten Commandment Displays from our courthouses and schools?

    Since it was Israelites who wrote the Old and New Testaments of our Bible, and it was our Bible believing Founders who gave us our Constitutional Republic (the greatest, freest and most prosperous nation on earth); has it ever occurred to you sir, if there were no Nation of Israel and no Bible, there would be no United States of America?

    Therefore, I respectfully request, sir, that you follow the Godly wisdom of our Founders, study the Bible, and do all you can to PROTECT ISRAEL and her borders. They are still America’s best friend.

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